During the past 30 years I have trained numerous appraisers.  Many worked with me for years in my business and have since gone out on their own.  Within the past few years, I have found that I can be productive and enjoy my work as the only appraiser in the office.  When you contact Darrel Clark & Associates, you will be working only with me.

After 13 years as a mortgage loan officer, branch manager and vice president of a national mortgage company, I decided in 1988 to start my own appraisal business.  During my time in the mortgage and appraisal business, I have seen many business cycles.  Mortgage interest rates were over 18% in 1981.  No one imagined that we would ever see rates in the 3.5% to 4% range as they are today.  Since then, I have seen cycles of great appreciation and times of deflation.  My experience and education give me a better perspective than most into current real estate trends and where the market is likely heading.

 I have a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Brigham Young University.  I have also attended the University of Washington (Seattle) and Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona).  In addition, I have had numerous appraisal practice and theory classes over the past 28 years.

Just a short note on my personal life – I married a wonderful woman in 1979.  We are still happily married.  My wife and I raised four boys – the youngest is now 26.  We have lived in Utah County our entire married life and in Mapleton since 1994.